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Sam Warach
Founder of NextStep Health

About NextStep Health

NextStep Health is a mental health company focused on helping individuals & communities cultivate resilience.

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A guy who's passionate about helping others 'Take their NextStep'

Sam Warach

Founder & CEO

Sam is a designer, creative technologist, speaker, and mental health activist. As Founder and CEO of NextStep Health, he serves our mission to empower communities toward resilience, wellness and recovery.

Our community

Sean James

reply to @samwarach: I so appreciate all you do, Thank You. Don't fear moving forward slowly. Fear standing still. #gratitude

Mayor's Office of Community Mental Health

We're proud to partner with @heynextstep to use tech to provide accessible mental health resources for Latinx youth in Inwood and Washington Heights.

NH Student Wellness

Wondering about the NextStep GoodLife app? Creator @samwarach explains it here! nextstepgoodlife.com

Angus Davis

“Everyone has two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one.” (via @samwarach)


New app launches to help students cope in tough times: https://www.wmur.com/article/new-app-launches-to-help-students-cope-in-tough-times/34329745